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What Are The Various Lighting Fixtures?

There are many options and variations for providing a home with lighting. They range from architectural solutions which are integrated and need tradesmen and contractors to beautiful, decorative lamps which only need to be kept on a table and plugged into a close by  electric outlet.

 Though some fixtures are specific to particular types of lighting- ambient, task or accent- most fixtures are versatile enough to be used in  several ways. Many lights are available online. For instance, it is possible to do table lamp buy online.

The main types of lighting fixtures are:


The most common kinds of architectural lighting are valance, soffit and cove lightings: all three are integrated into the structure of the room. Cove lighting is situated in a ledge, recess or shelf high upon a wall and the light is bounced towards the upper wall or ceiling.

Soffit lighting is kept in a cornice or soffit, near the ceiling and the light is radiated downwards bathing the wall using  light. Valance lighting is located on a glass, metal or wood valance or horizontal shield mounted above a window on the wall and light bounces downwards and upwards. This technique of bouncing light is called as indirect lighting. Indirect lighting is popular with many decorators as it prevents glare and shadow.  Architectural lighting, mostly used for ambient lighting is very popular.


Installed above the ceiling, this fixture has an opening which is flush with the ceiling. At least six inches of clearing is required by recessed lighting and insulation is required to  make sure that condensation does not accumulate into the fixture. Recessed light provides a narrow band of light in one direction- it can be used for all three- task, accent and ambient lighting.


Suspended or mounted from the ceiling, this type of lighting is made of a linear casing containing several heads which can be located anywhere along the track. The direction of the heads is also adjustable. This type of track lighting is mainly used for accent or task lighting.


These are suspended from the ceiling and they direct light straight down, mostly over a kitchen island or a table. A pendant can improve the decorative look of a room. They can provide task or ambient lighting.


Mounted on kitchen cabinets, this lighting can be a single puck shaped or linear fixture. This lighting is very popular for task lighting in kitchens .


These lights are suspended from the ceiling and direct light downwards, like on a table. They add to the décor of a room and mostly provide ambient lighting.

Wall Sconces

These lights are surface mounted to walls and can direct light downwards and upwards. Their shades or covers add a touch of style to rooms. They provide task and ambient lighting.

Floor, Desk And Table Lamps

Lamps are very versatile sources of light and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. They are portable sources of light. One can find great variety of table lamps online. Many lamps direct light downwards except for Torchiere- a floor lamp which directs light upwards.  Most  lamps are used as task lights meant for reading but some also serve as  ambient light.

These are some types of lighting fixtures.

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