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Tips for Home Appliance Care and Well Maintenance

Versatile range of home appliances have revolutionized the world and enhanced our standards of living. We cannot deny the comfort we receive by making use of these best in class technology equipped devices which make our life so convenient and hassle free. It would not be wrong to say that home appliances are our best companions and a day without these is very frustrating and troublesome. Hence it is crucial to take appropriate care of these appliances in order to prevent them from breaking down or going out of function provide them a longer running life.

Here are a few tips for home appliance care and well maintenance:

Washing machine

  • The best way to take care of your washing machine and to get the performance out of it is to wash smaller loads of clothes. Washing large loads of clothes will damage your machine and decrease it life. Avoid washing rubber mats or carpets in washing machines.
  • Clean the inside drums of your washing machine by wiping it using a damp cloth at least once a week to remove any kinds of cloth or detergent residues.
  • After you are done with the cleaning, leave the machine doors open for a while to make way for the moisture and dampness to evaporate.


  • Never attempt to heat any kind of inflammable food inside the microwave as it can lead to fire or explosion which can be very dangerous.
  • Do not put any metal utensil inside the microwave and do not forget to remove the aluminum foil covering from the food item before putting it inside the microwave.
  • Avoid putting sealed or packed food items inside the microwave to avoid any kind of explosion.
  • Do not forget to clean the microwave after every use to get rid of the rotten smell from the spilled food.
  • Do not cover the top of the microwave when it is in use.


  • Never overload your Refrigerator Price in India with a lot of food items as it puts a lot of pressure on the compressor that affects the cooling.
  • If you do not have a self-defrosting refrigerator than you should manually defrost it on regular basis.
  • Before defrosting remove all the frozen items from the refrigerator and place them on some other cool place.
  • Never try to use any of those cleaning agents like soda or chemical solvents to defrost your refrigerator.

Air Conditioners

  • You should clean the air filter of your Air Conditioner Price In India is it is reusable or replace it once in every one or two months. If you avoid doing this then the air flow will decrease putting more pressure on the air conditioner.
  • You should regularly examine your thermostat to make sure that it is working properly.
  • You should check the condition of the fan mounted in the condenser unit on regular basis and if you find any chip or cracks in the fan then you should opt for changing the fan blades.
  • Make sure to clean the outside unit on a regular basis as dust can build up on that unit which decreases it capacity and reduces the air flow.

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