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Kid’s snow jackets
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When it is freezing cold outside, any kind of decent jacket or coat will keep you from becoming a human Popsicle. But if you bring style into the matter, then you will need to give a little more thought to it. Fashion trends change quite frequently, so focussing on them will make you more bemused. Instead you should opt for the evergreen styles which have proved to stand the test of time.

These evergreen styles have been around for a while now and by pairing them up with the correct elements you can look extremely stylish. Internet has brought us closer to everything and having online stores has made our lives much easier. Now you can buy winter jackets for women online with just a few clicks on your computer. The more knowledge you have about the jackets you wear, the better you will be able to style yourself. Given below are the details of a few commonly worn jackets. Once you know about them, you will be able to step out like a rock star every day.

Pea coat

These coats fashion a double-breast and are mostly of thigh length. The navy popularised this style as the sea men used this double-breasted coats to protect themselves from the chilling winds of the open sea. Its nautical origin is well known and it has stayed with it. You will find several pea coats which have the symbol of an anchor engraved on their buttons. It also has a lapel and a wide notched collar. Melton wool was traditionally used to make these jackets, either in black or navy colour.  With the passage of time people have started making pea coats in a variety of colours and using wool which is softer.

Trench coat

The name trench coat comes from the trenches of World War I, where these coats were originally known to be worn. It was designed for the British military and later a water repellent fabric called gabardine was implemented on it. This new fabric is lightweight, sturdy, waterproof and can be worn easily on top of your everyday wear. Because of the many pros of gabardine, trench coats were pretty soon adopted into mainstream fashion from the original military attire. These coats are double-breasted with wide lapels. They also have a belt to be tied across the waist.

Car coat

Car coats were originally designed to keep away the wind from the drivers when they used to drive traditional open cars. These jackets were supposed to keep these drivers warm. It has wide cuffs and a slight A-line cut. This was advantageous while driving as it allowed full range of motion. Heavy wool was customarily used to make these coats and to shield it from rain and wind a flat front placket was also featured on it.

Many other coats like an overcoat, duffle coats, parkas, etc. are quite popular. Many similar designed coats are available in much smaller sizes for kids to wear. Kid’s snow jackets are also quite popular and effective in keeping your children warm.

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