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Fire dampers are widely used in our daily life. It is used for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) ducts; ventilation ductwork or installed in physical smoke barriers. Fire dampers prevent the smoke from entering the space of fire origin to various parts of a building. The quality of fire systems should be good enough to protect the building. It is important that the fire damper should provide a signal whenever it detects the fire or smoke so that the people in the building can be evacuated. For instance, if the building catches fire the fire dampers are sealed. This is done so that the fire smoke does not spread. The escape routes are opened so that the harmful gases do not stay in the building.

Importance of installing a fire smoke damper:

Generally, fire protection systems are used to alert us when there is fire or smoke in the building. These dampers have a fire rating and leakage class. The code in which your building is situated decides on the type of damper implemented in the building. These dampers must detect the fire as well as smoke.

When a building catches fire, the dampers detect the smoke and the fire; activating the alarm so that everyone is alerted to it. It is essential that your fire protection system consists of these dampers.

This damper also has heat release device, which allows the damper to be used in a controlled manner. These dampers will also act upon power failure. A powered actuator is opened automatically. They are overlapped with the building fire alarm system. After accepting a signal from the fire alarm system, it is closed.

There should be a match of the rating of the damper to the rating of the barrier that it is protecting. The barrier has a higher rating; a fire damper is required to prevent the spread of fire. The barrier has a higher rating of a damper, which is required to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. These dampers are huge and are used in barriers that have a higher rating of fire and smoke.

The rating of the damper should be the same as the rating of the barrier that safeguards from the fire. If you want full protection of a building, the active and passive fire protection systems must work jointly. The combination of fire and smoke dampers are essential parts of passive fire protection systems. The elements that require protecting buildings from property damage, and allow the people to evacuate during fire emergency are fire and smoke dampers.

It is very important that in all public buildings the dampers be installed so that when the building catches fire, fire extinguisher arrives immediately, and people can be evacuated from the building.

It is essential to install dampers in your fire protection system. It gets easier to detect the fire or smoke whenever something happens. Hence, it is recommended that all buildings install dampers.

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