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HCG Beta Numbers- What Do They Indicate

Ironically, you pee on a stick and it is confirmed you are pregnant. If you have had a history of miscarriages or experiencing some form of fertility issues, then you will be closely monitored by a reproductive endocrinologist. In the first few weeks it evolves testing of HCG beta numbers in short. It stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the same hormone which indicates pregnancy. But the pregnancy home test is just qualitative and will tell you whether you are pregnant or not. In case of HCG test it will measure the actual amount of hormone in the blood.

What does HCG exactly do?

HCG beta happens to be a hormone that is produced rapidly by diving the placenta cells of the embryo. The stimulation of the corpus luteum is its main role which is created when the ovary releases an egg. It is a very important hormone that is required for maintaining the endometrial lining.

An insight about the HCG beta levels during pregnancy?

It is detectable in the blood tests 11 days after conception and around 12 to 14 days after conception in case of urine tests. One thing is for sure that the levels tend to vary in each woman at any given point of time. The doctor will be looking for a certain level when they undertake your first HCG- beta test and in the second test the numbers are bound to be more indicative. This does point whether your pregnancy is on the right track. In case of healthy pregnancies, it tends to double after 2 to 3 days and HCG doubling time after 6000 roughly takes around 96 hours to be precise.

If the HCG beta level numbers are not doubling after few weeks of pregnancy, it would point in several directions. One of the possibilities is that your pregnancy might be ectopic which is outside of the tube a fallopian tube is attached. The main characteristic of this type of pregnancy is slow to rise HCG beta

On the other hand,

if your HCG beta numbers are sky high, this would point in the direction that you are having a molar pregnancy. This is a form of pregnancy which occurs when an error occurs during the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. This paves way for rapid growth of abnormal tissue which resembles a form of random grape like shells. Most of this type of pregnancies will be removed with immediate effect or by the technique of suction or dilation.

The silver lining is that such type of pregnancies is rare in occurrence. Another reason for the high levels of HCG beta could be a situation where you are carrying twins. Though the levels may be not that high which may indicate a molar pregnancy. In addition to this if your baby is a girl the HCG beta levels will be on the higher side of 7.

It is suggested that you do not go overboard with the HCG beta numbers, though it is easy said than done.

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