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Exotel and Knowlarity

A Glimpse into the Striking Differences between Exotel and Knowlarity

Communication has evolved in fascinating ways over the last century. Through different mediums or channels, communication takes place between people in various regions on different scales. In India, it has helped in breaking the barriers of the traditional landline system in recent years.

Through different telephony services, communication is being developed in the market more effectively.

Cloud Telephony Companies provide the technology that moves business phone system to the cloud. It acts as a voice or messaging service that replaces the need for a conventional business telephone system like PBX and EPABX.

Messages and calls can be received with the help of these services, and this also prevents the charging of additional information.

IVR, SMS, and event based calling are a few of the features of this service

In India, it was primarily known as “CLOUD PBX” system. It replaced the EPABX box in the corporate world. The two major telephony services provided in India are Exotel and Knowlarity.

These services are best known for providing services in the case of field workforce like delivering agents, salespeople, service men, etc.; safeguarding customer privacy and helping in automated calling using API’s.

Exotel is one of the cloud telephony service providers for the small and the medium enterprises in India. Exotel was founded in Bangalore in 2011 by ShivakumarGanesan. It provides products like IVR, SMS, calls recording software and many other applications. Exotel has helped power the ride, managed the beautician appointment and even confirmed the cash-on-delivery for garments.Start-ups like Practo have availed the services of Exotel and found it to be very useful. The number of conversations crosses 3 million on a daily basis. This is quite impressive for a company that is barely 6 years old. They have successfully risen to be one of the best cloud telephony service providers in South East Asia.

Kowlarity is one of the cloud telephony companies in Singapore that was introduced by the Indian Institute of Technology in 2009. Ambarish Gupta and PallavPandey are the founders of this company.Knowlarity, being a SAAS company, has more than 7000 customers. It heavily relies on direct calls for the growth of revenue. As a decently established and well-funded company, corporates do not have to worry about support or reliability. Knowlarity’s usage depends on the needs of the company. They have offers that range from completely free to moderately expensive. Businesses can thoroughly benefit from the sheer number of calls that Knowlarity can handle every hour.

This company provides services like cloud-based customer and sales call handling solutions to businesses in the Philippines, Malaysia, and India.

It also offers a broad range of solutions including outbound calling-reach out to masses with automated text and voice messages.

An apt comparison of Exotel vs Knowlarity can be conducted.

Specifications Exotel Knowlarity
Technology Cloud Telephony Cloud Telephony
Services provided IVR, call recording software, and SMS Sales handling solutions to businesses, IVR, and SMS
Additional charges None None
Protection Highly secure Moderately secure
Reliability Reliable Reliable
Plug-&-play services Not available Available
Scalable and Flexible Yes Yes

Something that started as a simple technology to empower businesses has managed to heavily influence the communication industry. Technology has indeed evolved far beyond all expectations.

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