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Solar Powered Generators

Differences Between Solar Powered Generators and Fuel Powered Generators

With the deposits of fossil fuels decreasing in much faster rates than ever, people, government, and even businesses are trying to switch to renewable sources of energies. This has been quite the trend in the recent years as the awareness among the people has grown. Today companies like Google, Tesla, and many others depend on solar energy to run their offices. Even many homes have switched to solar energy since its cost efficient and have more advantages than disadvantages.

However, if you’re not quite prepared to switch your main source of power to solar electricity but want to contribute to saving the fossil fuels then you can do it by various other ways. Power backups are an important part of any household and almost all the houses have a power backup, you can use solar electricity to switch your power back up.

If you’re using a gas or diesel powered generator then you might have some questions in mind, like would solar electricity make more sense? How will the solar generator work? What could be the benefits of the solar generator? Here is a comparison between the solar power it battery generator and the diesel or gas generators that could help you find answers to your questions:

How does a solar generator work?

These generators are made up of photovoltaic panels, charge regulators, batteries, and an inverter. A photovoltaic panel receives the sunlight and converts it into electric energy and transfers it to the charge regulator. Then the charge regulator transfers the electricity to the batteries until they are fully charged. Then the inverter takes the DC current from the battery and converts it into AC current so that it could be used whenever required.

Benefits of solar generator

  • Solar generators have no moving parts, which means that there’s no sound while operation and also low maintenance requirement.
  • It’senvironment-friendly as it doesn’t emit any kind of gases or any pollutants.
  • It’s a step towards reducing the carbon foot print in the environment
  • It requires very less human interference. As long as it receives sunlight in the day it continues providing energy to your house

Aforementioned is the way how a solar power it battery generator works and the benefits it has, now let’s see how the diesel generators work and their benefits.

How does a fuel generator work?

A fuel generator basically converts chemical energy into mechanical energy and then the mechanical energy is again converted into electrical energy. This is done using an alternator and an engine. The fuel is first burnt in the engine that turns a rotor present in the alternator. The rotor consists of acopper wire that spins past the magnets that then generates electricity which is stored in the generator.

Benefits of fuel generators

  • They can be smaller in size but they can generate large amount of electricity
  • They are easy to install and operate all you need to do is just add fuel to it and switch on the power button
  • They are less expensive than the solar generators

Now, looking at the working and benefits of both the generators one could easily make out that if you need power, you could choose fuel generators. However, if you’re looking for long term savings, low maintenance, uninterrupted power, and no harmful emissions, then you should choose solar generators.

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