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Spiritual Walk in Ranikhet

Carry out a Spiritual Walk in Ranikhet

Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station situated amidst lush green surroundings. The spot is home to Kumaon Regiment and coupled with great old-fashioned military ambience. Hill station is packed with lush green hills along with some amazing views over the distant Himalaya.

Once you have the best hotel in Ranikhet for your stayover, both your exploration and stayover will become comfortable and exciting. You can have a great time in your cosy room and drain your tiredness for next day activities. There are spiritual destinations too in this hill station. Have a look at some of them:

Jhula Devi temple

Jhula Devi temple is a very popular place of attraction in Ranikhet hill Station. It is mapped at a distance of just seven kilometres from Ranikhet near Chaubatia Gardens. The Temple complex was formed in the year 1935. The countless bells that hang all around this temple compound are a testament to the blissful and the curative powers of “Maa Jhula Devi”.

The temple is an antique 8th century temple. At once, a number of wild animals such as tigers and leopards, who used to attack the villagers, reserved the dense woods near to this temple. When locals offered prayers to Durga Maa for their safety, Maa then appeared in the dream of a shepherd and gave him directions to dig her idol. As a result, the temple got constructed on this spot. Since then, it is believed that Jhuli Devi accomplishes the wishes of her cliques. Once the wishes of devotees get fulfilled, they tie bells in this temple.

Mankameshwar Temple

The Temple is a Hindu memorial situated next to Narsingh Maidan in Ranikhet. The temple was built in year 1978 by Kumaon Regimental Centre. It is situated near Rani Jheel in area of army cantonment. The main divinities of this temple are Ma Kalika, Lord Shiva and Radha-Krishna.

The wonderful natural beauty around this temple is captivating and enthralling. The Temple can be easily reached because it is located only one kilometre from Ranikhet. You can find a peaceful and fresh environment around this temple.

Haidakhan Temple

The Haidakhan Temple is situated at Chidianuala Ranikhet. The shrine is built by Haidakhan who has been considered to be the essence of Lord Shiva to whom the temple is dedicated. The birth of Haidakhan has been always a secret. He left the mortal in the year 1984, at a quite early age.

This temple describes a lofty statue of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. A huge number of devotees from diverse corners of world visit the temple to get their marriage performed in Indian tradition. The whole temple is encircled with beautiful sites and peaceful ambience. You can spend a tranquil and cherished time at this spiritual destination. The place is both tranquil and extremely spiritual

Thus, it would be a sublime experience if you visit these prestigious spiritual destinations prevailing amidst the lush green surroundings. You can easily get comfortable and reasonable good resorts in Ranikhet for your stayover. Whether you visit with your friends or with family; these spiritual sites are going to make you fall for them.

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