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best position for breastfeeding baby

Best Positions Pertaining to Breastfeeding

Though breastfeeding may seem too easy, but the reality is far from truth. As a mother if you are aware of the various types of breastfeeding positions, it can eradicate problems and pave way for a satisfying breastfeeding experience. Now what are the best positions for breastfeeding? There are numerous ones and each one has its own pros and cons, but a few things relate to them. You need to ensure that the method of breastfeeding is comfortable and plenty of support is being provided. You should ensure that the head of the baby is close enough so that they do not have turn their head to nurse. So let us now try to figure out the best position for breastfeeding baby .

Cross cradle

This is one of the best positions for feeding your baby. The mother is seated in a comfortable chair with arm rests and the baby is held from the crook of the breast that the mother is feeding. The right arm for the left breast and vice versa. The back of the head of the baby is held with open arms. The mother has to guide the mouth of the baby to the breast. But do not lean too much forward or backward at the same time.

Once you have got hold of this position, you can resort to the cradle hold

Cradle hold

Once the baby is cradled on the lap, they should be lying on your side. If the need arises you can use pillows to support the baby. It is needed in the first few weeks of your pregnancy whereby the size of the baby is too small. In some cases you may also need to support the breast. In order to ensure that the baby is comfortable the bottom along with head needs to be at each other’s level.

Breastfeeding in a laid back way

This is one of the most comfortable positions for breastfeeding as the mother lies on a couch. Their shoulders or heads are known to support each other. Once again having plenty of support and being comfortable is the key aspect here. The cheek of the baby should rest on your cheeks and you would need to guide them to the nipple.

The position of clutch

In case of women who had a C section delivery this position is the most comfortable. The reason for it is that the baby is kept away from the incision. The baby should be facing the mother at nipple height. If the baby is small then you would need to use pillows so that they are brought to the correct height.

Position of side lying down

Once lying down this might work out to be the best position to breastfeed. This is during the first few months of pregnancy when the sleep levels are low particularly at night. The mother and the baby are lying facing each other. You can plan to roll up a blanket so that the baby is kept warm at all times.

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