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The Beginnings of a Successful Website

What key elements of developing web designs should you consider when having a site developed for the first time? Should you invest on content or focus on excellent web design and layout? Find out what factors you should consider to create a successful website for your business by reading this post.

Its incredible how within a short span of time, internet-based businesses are still as successful as ever since it made waves in the late 90′s. The demand for well-designed websites is on a steady rise with no signs of letting up. However, despite all these amazing developments in web design, many people are still left clueless on how to build an excellent website for business. Attracting customers and maintaining a profitable online business starts with an excellent website design.

Here we will breakdown the key elements of developing web designs.

Web Page

A web page contains content from a specific site. The content of a web page can be anywhere from texts to images or embedded video. Usually, the text file with an .html extension is referred to as a web page. When a reader visits a website, s/he will be directed to the homepage. A typical homepage contains text content as well as links to other web pages of the site. These links can either come in a form of texts or images.

The Building Blocks of Web Designing


Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is one of the newer types of web design tool that is used to add value to any content presented on a web page. While the HTML is used to design a site, CSS can be used to build the layout of the web page. CSS may be used to create focal points of a web page to highlight important information on a web page.


A web page is created through Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. This is a code essential for designing and developing a webpage. HMTL codes can be used to embed videos, images and even links on a web page. When a web designer has completed a website, a web browser is used to check how the site looks when it’s live. Different web browser will cause one site to look different so at this stage, a web designer will have to check how the site will look on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name refers to the link name of a website that offers singular identity to the website as well as its SEO. A website owner has to register his chosen domain name and purchase it so once the website is completed, it may be accessed by website users by typing in the domain name of the site on their browser.

Website Hosting Service

Once a completed site is ready for launching, it needs to be uploaded to the World Wide Web or the internet. This can be done by selecting a company that offers hosting services. Web hosting is similar to renting a space; the only difference is the space you’d be renting is online. The rates will vary from one hosting service to another. As a consumer, it’s important to put less value on the rates and focus on the reliability of the hosting service you choose. Some hosting services may offer cheap rates but the service is terrible and for many business owners, the last thing they need is a site that’s always down! This could lead to huge profit loss so be sure to choose a reliable hosting service before anything else.

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