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Ghats of Varanasi

4 Ghats of Varanasi That will leave you Speechless

Varanasi is a religious land and it is packed with so many places for visitors. The city caters an experience of the extensive past. Once you are in this spiritual realm, you can feel the essence of spiritualism. After all, the city is not just dotted with beautiful temples but a lot of different tourist spots too.

The most phenomenal and engaging thing about this land is its splendid ghats. You can find more than 88 ghats in Varanasi. Just book rooms in the Varanasi best hotels and have a tasteful and memorable time in this city. The trip isn’t going to make you feel disappointed at all. As of now, you can walk through four ghats of Varanasi.

Assi ghat

 This is a famous ghat and is visited by plenty of devotees. About 300 people visit Assi Ghat every hour in mornings on regular days. And if you talk about the festivals, about twenty-five hundred people visit per hour. Not just local people but people from different diverse of country and even abroad visit this ghat.  The ghat houses around twenty-two thousand five hundred people at once during times of festivals such as Shivratri.

Tripura Bhairavi Ghat

Tripura Bhairavi Ghat is a religious spot for South Indian pilgrims in particular for the ones coming from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It has picked its name from Tripura Bhairavi that was the fifth great cosmic power of the Hindu pantheon. His temple is situated on this Ghat. Moreover, the temple of Varahi, who is one of nine mother-goddesses, is also located here.

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Dashashwamedh Ghat is one of the prime and most happening ghats in Varanasi. The Ghat is a gorgeous and cheerful place adored for its religious transcendence. Here Lord Brahma relinquished ten horses in a yajna and thus this place was named Dashashwamedh Ghat. The whole ambience of this ghat gets extremely welcoming at time of arti and Pooja. Especially in the evenings, the whole ambience leaves no stone unturned in enthroning the people. The twinkling lights and arti mixing with the river cater an amazing site. The melodies and the freshness of environment endows the evenings with splendour.

Panchganga Ghat

Panchganga Ghat is believed to be the mythological meeting spot of five spiritual rivers. There are plenty of pictures of five river goddess. These are Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Dhutpapa and Kirana.  A large number of devotees visit the ghat in the hopes of accomplishing blessings from these 5 goddesses. There you can also find five idols reigning and everyone is formed of black stone. The whole ghat caters a splendid and attractive experience.

Thus, these were just four ghats of Varanasi; you can explore as many ghats as you want as per your time and convenience. If you stroll along these Ghats at the time of sunset, you can get an unparalleled experience.  To walk through different Ghats in Varanasi is one of the most outstanding things to do in Varanasi. Just book rooms in hotels in Varanasi cantt and carry out your exciting expedition.

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