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Bed Bugs
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3 Things you Must Know about Bed Bugs

‘Sweet dreams don’t let the bed bugs bite’ – you must have heard a bazillion times from your parents while you were kid. But that moment, you might not have had a chance to ask your parent what the bed bugs actually are. But in today’s world, bed bugs are the fastest growing pest control emergency. Nowadays, people are facing these problems so much that they have tried almost every possible things to get rid of them. But for many, the problem doesn’t seem to be going away.

In the scientific world, these are known as the CimexLectularius. Bed bugs are mainly the blood feeding insects that actually about a size of an apple seed once fully grown. Ironically, they survive on the blood of mammals and insect but they do prefer the human blood. So here are few things that you must know about bed bugs before being worried about how to Clean Your Bedding. So let’s dig in;

Do they only live in Bed?

Not really! Even though these have got known due to being in bed since they are pretty good at annoying the sleeper but they are much more “talented”. Bed bugs live just about anywhere they can hide. An adult bed bug is about 5mm long and narrow as a piece of paper. Moreover, bed bugs can crawl about 30 meters in the night to find the meal. They usually hide behind the lights installed on the wall, underneath wall paper or even the gap between wall and the baseboards. If you didn’t know, these have even been found living inside the prosthetic leg. And you know what, the Roman used to groove and drink them as a cure of snake bit.

Bed Bugs Hate Heat

Now here’s how you can get rid of them. Whether it’s an egg or the bunch of grown bed bugs, they simply die if exposed to the heat that’s more than 46 degrees. But that doesn’t either mean that you start burning your bed for no reasons. Instead, giving your bed furniture the hot water wash can be of great help for sure. This is one of the most popular ways you can implement. Please don’t wait for the summer season when the temperature turns over 46 degrees because it’s 46 outside doesn’t really mean it would be the same inside as well.

Bed Bugs and Diapause

If you know this or not but the bed bugs have got the natural capability to hibernate themselves. This particular is known as Diapause. It’s mainly a deep sleeps when they shut of most of their metabolic processes and survives on its energy stores until it runs out of it completely. Bed Bugs enter this Diapause state when it starts to turn hot or the temperature is little freezing. Ironically, diapause is the last resort for bedbugs if they can’t find food. Astonishingly, but the bed bugs can survive over a year without meal.

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